The Objective

Vamet’s area of expertise is solving problems in the energy industry, chemical technology, mining and nuclear industries. Vamet evaluates failures and breakdowns. Our company provides strength, structural and technological design of engineering applications. All services include documentation according to the required methodology.

We offer services in the following fields of expertise:

ANALYSIS OF THE MECHANICAL BEHAVIOR OF MACHINERY AND OF MACHINE PARTS – stress and strength, dynamic and seismic analyses, calculations of temperature and stress fields, stress evaluation and lifespan assessments according to the requirements of producers and operators of machinery and energy equipment.

THERMAL AND THERMODYNAMIC ANALYSIS - consulting services for manufacturers and operators of nuclear power plants, energy industry, chemical, transportation and agricultural equipment; thermal analysis (balance of outputs, efficiencies and loads due to the ongoing processes, description of these processes).

ENGINEERING IN CONSTRUCTION - in the field of process equipment structures, thermal technology.

MEASURING – obtaining and completion of documentation for the above mentioned calculations.

PROGRAMS- tailored software development based on customer’s needs.

ANALYSES OF FAILURES AND BREAKDOWNS OF MACHINES – verification of the original documentation, critical parts identification, design modifications, and evaluations in the case of failure to achieve projected parameters.

QUALITY ASSURANCE - we developed a superior assurance system to ensure high quality while maintaining reasonable costs for the customer in accordance with ČSN ISO 9001.